HP7-3G - NVG Green Phosphor

  • $3,595.00


Main features
Generation 3 Green Phosphor Image Tube
Combat proven
Standard US Military system
Multi-coated optics
Hand-held or head/helmet-mounted
Built-in IR Illuminator
Simple controls
Lightweight & Rugged
Cellphone Adaptable


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Customer Reviews


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the awesome effort in getting me a pair of Night Vision Goggles Gen 3. I have had them for a few weeks and honestly i don't know how I survived without them. The black and white display you recommended is well worth the extra dollars and is very easy on my eyes for extended use. I am a big fan of yours and Hoffman’s Optics and would highly recommend your services and products to anyone in the market for night vision gear. Thanks again for the great service and great product!!

All the best,
J. Atkinson
Sedona, Arizona